Marells Enhancement Detail Service

From £450

Time: 8-10hrs

Marells enhancement detail is a popular package and designed to get vehicle paintwork looking its best again and reduce swirl marks and other minor paint defects. Service includes a 2 stage machine polish, paintwork decontamination, and rewashing and cleanser application. Suitable for new and used cars and those seeking a fantastic transformation!

Service Information

  • Wheels cleaned inside and out where accessible
  • Pre snow foam wash
  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed
  • Full exterior wash using ph neutral shampoo
  • Hand dried using special drying towels
  • Paintwork clayed to remove contaminants
  • Paint thickness is measured using an electronic paint depth gauge
  • 2 stage machine polish carried out to remove light swirls and fine scratches
  • Paintwork re-washed if required
  • Paintwork cleanser is then applied
  • Premium wax applied to paintwork and door shuts
  • Chrome and metal surfaces cleaned and polished
  • Wheel faces waxed with specific wheel wax
  • Tyres and exterior trims dressed
  • Exterior and interior glass polished
  • Door seals cleaned and treated
  • Light interior vacuum
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned