Mark – once again your attention to detail and efforts cannot be surpassed –my cars look like they are now in a better condition than the day they were delivered and the reflections hurt the eyes !! It’s a shame I now have to use them!! Many Thanks


After having a machine polish by a reputable London sports car dealership on my F430 it was returned with whats known as (hologramming) lines all over the paint work.I contacted Lancaster of Sevenoaks who kindly recommended Mark.To say Mark did a good job is an understatement He did a fantastic job taking approximately 9 hours before he packed up his extensive range of equipment .Mark did so good on the F430 he was the first call I made after my mishap parking my GTR in a Brighton multi story car park.(they are narrow).Needless to say it was perfect again after Mark had worked his magic.Keep up the great work!!

S Fielding

Mark has done the most extraordinary job on two of our vehicles. One a year old, the other a good deal older and, so I thought, beyond help. They went into Mark’s workshop in need of attention both inside and out and came out a few days later in more of a mint condition than they ever did when they were brand new. Mark is a genius, he properly cares and takes enormous pride in his work. He is fascinated in the cars themselves and his customers too. He is clearly interested in all aspects of a vehicles use whether it be for racing, posing or school runs. He properly cares and I drive my car, safe in the knowledge that I know Mark will do everything possible to make sure it is looking its best when it needs to. Highly, highly recommend.

R Glavin-White
I was first introduced to Marells by Ferrari in 2008 after taking delivery of a 430 spider f1, whilst I have always had an obsession with keeping my cars immaculate I was very sceptical as to what value they could deliver having used various ” valeters” over the years and not feeling I had got value for money. Marells however take the experience to a whole new level, the attention to detail is second to none, the quality of products used are first class and the diligence shown by Mark is exemplary. Marells now take care of all my vehicles and I wouldn’t dream of letting anyone else near them!
G Doyle
Mark did a wonderful job on my Aston Martin, spotted some paint defects that I hadn’t even noticed, and polished them out perfectly. His standards are so exacting that he came back a couple of weeks later, because he was worrying that the roof panel wasn’t as good as it should have been – it looked faultless to me! Many thanks Mark.
N Burke
I have owned a number of prestige cars over the years, so I’m always weary of who cleans them. Marells are by far and above the most polite and assuring of all the services I have used in the past and I will continue to use them in the future. I didn’t realise that cars could be cleaner than ‘showroom shine’, but I have been proved wrong! I have recommended Marells to a number of clients who were as satisfied as I was.
M Carter
Mark has been looking after our vehicles for over 6 years now. He is an absolute professional and an absolute perfectionist. I have pretty high standards but he exceeds them on every occasion, we have had various vehicles over the period such as Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar and Aston Martin and there is nothing Mark does not know about all of these vehicles. Cars are a passion of his. His attention to detail goes way beyond any standard I have ever seen before. He has raised the bar within the valeting and detailing industry to such a level that there is no one else who even comes close. I have no hesitation in recommending him as I have done on numerous occasions.
J Kirvan

Just wanted to express my appreciation for the superb effort you put in, when carrying out your Enhanced Detailing on my Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line. I have always spent time and effort in keeping the Tiguan clean but your work has taken this to a completely different level. When I saw the car after you had completed your work, I could see immediately that the paint had a deep shine to it that had not existed before and the surface was glass-smooth. Although my Tiguan may be a run-of-the-mill car compared some that you are asked to work on, the standard you have achieved with the paintwork is beyond reproach. I look forward to regular visits to ensure that this car can always be an ambassador for your business.

P Cooper
I have OCD but Mark’s attention to detail and obsession with perfection is so evident that he must also be in the club. His work speaks for itself and I won’t be going anywhere else. Absolutely brilliant!
P Brewer